Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I once thought it was strong
the brick walls built within
the ever lasting friendship

Thoughts were poorly expressed
Doubts double up the gap

I dont want to be always persuading & taking initiative
If only you could have been more confident & trustful

Glad that feelings arent permanent
It can still be mend through laughters & fun
plus a little bit of forgetful

friendship remains
& always will =)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The gap

The gap that exist between reality and imagination..
how could i ever over come it??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my brain is going into coma state
and soon permanent head damage
then death of all brain cells..

i need a break
why so much to do!!!

why nvr ending projects
why nvr ending seminars
why nvr ending proposals
why nvr ending meetings
why nvr ending discussions
why nvr ending google-ing
why nvr ending tests
why nvr ending essays
why nvr ending reports
why nvr ending lab sessions
why nvr ending complains..

at this moment,
im totally exhausted, both physically & mentally!!
9 modules are way too much to be squeezed into 14 weeks!!

i want my life back!!

okays back to work,
ranting session ended ~~~

sighss lifelessssss !!! =(

" learn to cope "

Friday, January 1, 2010


H.A.P.P.I.E. .N.E..W. Y.E.A.R.

I have decided not to make any new yr resolutions this year
Cuz it nvr work for me as i will dump everything aside after the first week of new year
Things work better unplanned wit me =)

Years come and go
so i better draw my life with more colours =)
more yummy food, more money to spend, more trips & nerdier..
if nt i can get kill by imu...

2010, my fresh start

wishing everyone a good year ahead !!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye year 2009 <3

it felt so long thru out the whole year..
or is it just plainly me feeling hard getting over 2 sems? =p
anyhow it has been a great year
when you'll always find someone right beside you when u needed advice or support..

life is a combination of joy & fun with emo & tears..
but i must say things that ive been thru makes me realised a lot..
and the bubbly me stil stays =)

i couldnt hav gone thru the last part of 2009 without all of u..
*u noe who u r*
its been a year n a half since we bonded =p
thx for the times u all texted & called to check if im alrite..
checkin on my progression..
giving me surprises & rewards..
some being harsh & some stil spoiling me =p
the hugs & lucks to calm me down..
and walked till the very end with me..
love u gals <3

i always doubt bt hw highskul frens could stil be close after being separated at diff college & uni as we have diff circles of frens and life..
im so grateful tat even we dun meet up often & all yet our bond is stil as close as b4..
of cuz we have our ways of updating each other *for sure*

frenship is so amazing till u find true friends
this is so so true =)

lets bid good bye and
draw a full-stop to year2009
and let everything stay in memories and be stored forever =)

im glad its ending =p

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

b.a.c.k. f.r.o.m h.i.a.t.u.s

im back!! =)
i abandoned my blog again..
gosh it was 3 months ago when i updated so does tat mean tat i have been so damn busy since september??
kinda..adding in a little of slackness & laziness =p
plus havin difficulties to put everything in words..
im getting bad in expressing myself..

anyway uni is starting in a few days..
everyone is making a fuss bout the timetable..
i promised myself not to complain
*i promise i promies i promies*

and i hope everything will turn out smoothly again..
*how i wish*
but somehow i still believe efforts count..
i was wondering whether i shud update everything that happened frm the past few months..
from birthdays, job, uni, exams, farewells, meetups & those ups and downs..

i guess not =p the lazy me is still here..
i just wanna enjoy days left b4 4th jan =)

will update if i feel like =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

for the one who is..

even better in talking than me..
even noisier than me..
even sampat than me.. bff..
T.E.H. H.O.R. L.E.E
T.A.K.E.G.O.O.D .C.A.R.E O.F. U.R.S.E.L.F
A.L.L. T.H.E. B.E.S.T.
soree that couldnt even meet up with u b4 u left.
and i just realised we dun have much photos..
erm not even a decent one.. lols..
will wait till u come back in 9 months time..
keep in touch

ps. happie birthday phillip ong!! =)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

smth to think about..

people tend to take things for granted..
as it develops into a habit..
more is never too much..
and nothing is enough..

something crossed over my mind today..
why do people get selfish ??

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


my senses are blunt..
currently cant feel anything..
im in the mist of confusions..
not too sure of what to expect and what not to..

ps.1 soree for the over emo posts.. just cant help it..
life is getting a lil out of control..
ps.2 im missing you..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

here and there

a lil here
a lil there
there goes my world..

Sunday, August 30, 2009


i just realised that i have..

Food prep 8 report
Anthro assessment 1 report
Anthro assessment 2 report
Body composition report
Biochem assessment report
SGA report
Patho & clinical PBL

to be done..

what else to come??????
and what am i doing??
facebook-ing & drama-ing..


i have feelings that are undescribable..
i have thoughts that are unreveal..
i have words that are unwritten..

give me some time to unpuzzled them..
and i will bring sunshine along with me soon..

i promised.. =)

ps. im not emo.. just having undefined feelings & thoughts..


ups and downs thruout the weeks..
i haven been thinking, talking and sleeping like a normal homosapiens..
thanx to the never ending class tests and also reports..
im officially feeling how nerds feel like ..
to spend more than 12 hrs a day in uni is insane..

finally here comes the weekends..
thinking that the weekends will b spent on chilling & relaxing ..
who knows here comes the mountain high reports to be due and also PBL..

so i will be in hiatus..

for a very long time.. =(

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I couldnt find the urge that motivated me all the while..
come back to me now if you realised how important you are..

I have 2 class tests which are so horrible to even think of..
and practical report due on monday..
im clueless still..

I want something more happening instead of class tests and practicals in a row everyweek..

spent the precious 12.34.56 pm on 7.8.09 with the gals..
filling our stomach with appetizer, main course, drinks and desserts!
My gum hurts whenever i eat..*ouch*

it's always laughters that surrounded us.. all of u made my day!


currently tuned to -
you belong with me taylor swift

never get bored with her songs.. =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i wish that..

.. you are mine ..

canon ixus 100 in red

Friday, July 31, 2009

buay JULY ~

it felt like semester 3 just started awhile ago..
nvr did i notice tat next week will be the 5th week of sem 3..
meaning class tests are coming and more workload..

i need to be more attentive instead of dozing off so often in lectures..
but who wouldnt doze off if you were to spend ard ten hrs in uni 5 days a week..
8am classes are so torturing that i need chocolates and candies to make me stay awake..
and when chocolates and candies no longer work.. i sleep in lectures..
yes I DO..

i realised how blessed last semester was!
i missed those days, short lectures & long hang out time!

i drag myself to uni every day..
it makes me emo.. =(
lab sessions with irritating lab assistants
make me even emo..

i felt dreadfully tired..
soree for all the rants..
time to hibernate!

ps.1 PC fair is not fun at all!!
ps.2 Ghosts of Past Girlfriends = not too bad!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finale Night

Finale Night drew a complete ending for the whole orientation 2009..
too many pictures to be uploaded yet too little time to spend..
the night was awesome and the atmosphere was superb high..
everyone enjoyed themselves *i think so*
at least i did!!!

just a few pictures to share..
*more on facebook*

chinchin in pyjamas & baba in tux !

soon eu & khai xin ~ senior runway!

the superb awesome GROUP 13 OoGaGa

Pilip & mavis
~ best model *woo-hoo*

the best group 13 on stage!!

green juniors & blue senior

group 13 Orientation Officers

the hyper N&Ds

the COMMITEES for Orientation 2009
*spot me with lingy*

grandseniors never fail to impress us !!

memories stay forever
enjoy uni life my dear juniors only go through this once..


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Variety night

Date: 20th July 2009
Time: 7pm
Venue: IMU Atrium speak a thousand words..

shan practising ~

N&D ~~

here comes my group 13 !!

hell boy!!!

buahaha more to come..

im waiting for the video!!

oogaga is the best!!!

lingy's 20th Birthday!!

Date: 20th July 2009
Time: 1pm
Venue: MV


meet up ard 1pm den went pasta zanmai ~ our favourite restaurant!

ohh this is superb! green tea tiramisu!!

as usual pearl will be the one who does the opening ceremony even when she's sick..

after lunch we walked ard..
shan n i find sum excuses to slip away to get lingy cakes..
then we waited for her outside the fitting room..

look at how surprised she was!

saranghae lingy!

i lovee this picture alot!!

and also this!

.. picture of the day ..

Date:17th July 2009
Venue: Times Square & IMU
went to get our costumes for performance on variety night..
we walked continuously for 4 hrs and finally got everything we needed..
lunch at UNCLE DUCK..

i like the 'kon chao ngao ho' yumyum~
den went back to IMU by train..
and it was packed like sardin..
dint noe its bcuz of Manchester United's match with the msia team..
everyone was so crazy over MU and nt the own msia team..lols the dance studio..
all prepared for rehearsal!


georgen the vain..buahahha!